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adaptive, capable & agile

The five business partners in the ACA group – Bert Stegkemper, Rolf-Stefan Scheible, Dr Thomas Lehmann, Joachim Rödiger and Stephan Barlet – are specialists in operations, supply chain management, general management, human resources and finance. The larger ACA team results from the five consultants’ extensive network. There are already contacts for legal, information technology and purchasing issues. All other resources can be mobilised tailored to your needs.

ACA: the people behind the company

Bert Stegkemper

strategy, operations & supply chain management, engineering, sourcing, quality

My many years of professional international experience in the aviation and defence industry and rail transport sector covers the entire value creation chain: end-to-end, global supply chain management, customer service, quality control, purchasing, construction and production. I also have sound specialist knowledge and practical experience in post-merger integration, German and French business relations and cross-functional work. My entrepreneurial passion is businesses in highly complex environments and customer focus. I have been working as an executive coach and consultant since 2014. I approach professional and personal challenges calmly but with determination. A structured way of working, conceptual thinking and action and my ability to inspire and motivate are typical of me.

“We don’t dominate the team but create change and improvements together with you!”

Dr. Thomas Lehmann

operations, quality, sourcing & supply chain management

More than 20 years’ experience in management positions in research and development, production and logistics in the aerospace and automotive industry make me a competent consultant for quality and production management and business improvement. I have been working as a coach and mentor since 2014. My specialist area is personal executive coaching, improving processes and organisations. I have extensive knowledge of lean systems and production systems, supplier development and quality management. I mainly advise managing directors, supervisory board members, executive board members, company owners and division managers. I bring new ideas to existing companies and improve internal structures and processes.

“We speak the language of all employees and create change at all levels!”

Rolf-Stefan Scheible

engineering-, operations-, quality- & crisis management expert

As a successful manager in the international aviation industry, I have practical experience in development, manufacturing, logistics, and information technology, as well as safety- and quality management. I completed my MBA in Henley (UK). Thanks to my long-standing experience in executive roles at large, international companies, I acquired considerable experience in the management of major, complex operations and projects, as well as in post-merger restructuring and operational crisis management. I also worked as an executive at a successful company in France for several years. I have been working as a consultant and coach since 2013 to help companies tackle operational crisis or business restructuring phases. I approach projects in a structured, yet practical manner and – more importantly – with a responsible, engaged attitude. Thanks to my experience and understanding of the client’s situation, I can offer valuable support to companies of all sizes.

“We work together with employees and managers on tailored solutions and then implement them too!”

Stephan Barlet

human resources, strategy & change management

I have been able to gain extensive business experience as a human resources executive and consultant in the aviation and aerospace, shipbuilding, construction and mechanical engineering industry as well as in retail and health care in SMEs and major international corporations. While working as a human resources executive, I was in charge of all areas of strategic and operational HR management, including business development. I have been working as a consultant, coach and project manager since 2009. My job focuses on the structures in which people work (remuneration, time and organisation), as well as on individuals (filling positions and supporting managers and executives), and the interaction of personnel in charge (team development and change management). My goal is always the long-term, sustainable advancement of the organisation and its personnel. I quickly recognize where there is room for improvement, and suggest a structured course of action to implement the necessary measures together with the customer.

“We improve the enthusiasm and performance of the whole group!”

Joachim Rödiger

finance & admin

My many years of extensive experience in the aviation and aerospace, defence and military industry as well as my expertise in corporate finance, project management and support, administration, information technology, law and insurance make me a competent and reliable finance and administration consultant. I worked, among other things, as an auditor in accounting and closing as well as planning and reporting for 25 years at major German and international companies and corporations and was therefore able to gain insight into a whole range of different levels and structures. I have been working as a coach and consultant, primarily in change management and post-merger integration, since 2012.

“We stand by our word and take responsibility for our actions!”