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ACA – success through consulting, design and implementation

Our range of services includes consulting, effective on-site implementation of concepts and optimisation of internal company processes.

Our services for your success

  • Core competences – analysis and development
  • Post-merger integration support
  • Optimisation of client- and supplier interfaces
  • On-time-delivery management system
  • Ensuring contract performance as basis for customer satisfaction
  • Optimisation of operations and processes
  • Organisation development following company restructurings
  • Operational crisis management
  • Business development with your executive officers
  • Production system review, concept and introduction
  • Coaching “The first 100 days”
  • Auditing of present and future management
  • Creation of a suitable environment for your personnel
  • Advanced planning- and reporting systems
  • Identification of potential for operational excellence and commercial success

5 quick checks for your business

Risk assessment and crisis prevention

Drastically fluctuating production rates and complex product launches are a challenge for the entire operational structure of your business. As an executive, you need to ensure that the processes involved are appropriately developed. Besides a smooth and quick processing of your client’s engineering inputs, this also entails making sure that your organisation is prepared to tackle increased production volumes. Have critical assets been identified? Is current capacity sufficient? Are HR recruiting plans ready and have you defined how new personnel should be qualified? These are but a few of the many questions from our catalogue. The ACA staff have already overcome several crises and know exactly what it is all about.

ACA identifies problems and challenges, defines future human resources and product material requirements in the event of growth and develops practical solutions to avoid a crisis.

Human Resources

The existing human resources management is analysed through an initial stock take. We scrutinise the human resources department’s key activities and the specialist departments’ activities, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your staff management. All the HR action areas are assessed and presented based on three parameters, namely urgency, contribution to corporate success, and scope of implementation.

We provide tailored recommendations and help you implement the strategic HR concepts we develop for you, to help you improve HR management efficiency and effectiveness.

Financial Health

We analyse your of current turnover and liquidity, as well as the impact of current major orders, projects or operational problems on your financial situation.

Is the capital base adequate? What influence do important orders or projects have on turnover, costs and liquidity? When you plan investments, do they arrive on-time or are you tying up too much capital too early? Do your administration processes provide timely and adequate support to your operations? ACA helps you to answer all these questions, by analysing processes within your business and optimising your financial situation.

Operations Health

The operations health check is a systematic approach to implementing your strategies. A catalogue of questions helps to sort various issues and challenges within your company. Existing implementation options are documented, if necessary completed, and compared to the skills and competence currently available. How much can your organisation cope with and how much should it be able to cope with? Following this, priorities are set and an integrated implementation plan is compiled. What do your operational indicators look like within your organisation? What is your opinion of the omnipresent finance-driven management figures, customer feedback, and experience-based rules of thumb?

Our methods for business development effectively help to eliminate identified risks and express defined potential. The operations health check enables you to identify clearly available options for action and ensures that you know what potential is hidden in your organisation.

Supplier Potential Check

Materials fail to be delivered on time, the products do not match the required quality standards and the delivery is associated with a disproportionate amount of work for your company? You are in no position to switch to a different supplier, or there is no alternative altogether?

ACA helps you to enter into a focused and constructive dialogue with your supplier: we analyse interfaces, determine what information is necessary, and define areas that may be improved by means of specific in-depth analysis. We also support you in finding the causes for the problems and introducing effective improvement measures.