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Process optimization – restructuring – executive coaching – strategy implementation

We offer consulting for supervisory board members, executives, managers and their teams working in national and international corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Our services cover the fields of corporate governance, human resources, finance, engineering, procurement, production and quality assurance.

Most of our customers operate in sectors characterized by a high degree of complexity in terms of products and processes, as well as by small to medium production quantities. They come mainly from fields such as the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, railways, and the defence industry.

Motivating, professional and experienced

ACA for supervisory boards:

The expectations of high quality and prompt intervention from supervisory boards are constantly increasing. The information provided by the operational business is often insufficient for this. We help you close this information gap.

By analysing an identified subject or by comprehensively verifying the operational control system we highlight the risks and potentials to you, and eliminate crisis situations by neutrally working out and supporting solutions for internal conflict issues between the executive board or management and employee representatives. Outline your need for support to us and we will advise you discreetly and privately and provide you with new objective perspectives.

ACA for managing directors:

Do you need a breath of fresh air in your top team? Are you currently in a phase of drastic changes in market demand? Do you want to discuss your thoughts confidentially in a focused way with equals, listen to a different, neutral opinion and develop new perspectives? We will be happy to pop in and get to know you and address the issue right away – instant value added for you from the very first meeting is our aim!

ACA for operational executives:

Methodologies are brilliant! That’s what we think too but even with all the brilliance of an intellectual approach, real ability only comes about by applying your knowledge in operational business.
We know this from our own experience and focus on the result with our operational coaching approach. We facilitate the next steps based on your current status and support you on the path to your next performance level and the one after that.